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I Love You, Phillip Morris

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This movie was BAD!

First, you have Ewan McGregor as a blonde.  Next, there’s Jim Carrey trying to be serious.  Then you have the plot (I don’t care if it’s based on real events)!

This is a movie about a guy named Steven Russell from Virginia (Carrey) who leaves his wife, moves to Texas, and lives out if homosexuality.  He lives well above his means and gets arrested and convicted of insurance fraud.  While in prison he meets Phillip Morris (McGregor).  They fall in love and when Steven gets out of prison he pretends to be a lawyer in order to get Morris out early.  They move to Florida and begin their live together.  However, Steven continues living above his means and embezzles money.  But he gets caught and both men go back to prison (even though Morris had nothing to do with the crimes).  Steven tries (and succeeds for a short time) to escape but each time is caught and put back into prison.  Finally, he pretends to be infected with AIDS and fakes his own death just to try to get Morris out of prison.  He doesn’t succeed and is, instead, put back into prison with a life sentence.  He is still there today – in solitary confinement.

This movie can only be rented if you are 18 or older.  But I suggest renting ANYTHING else.  There was nothing good about this movie.




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I LOVED this movie.  Even though everyone else hated it!  I even liked it with Tom Cruise.

Tom Cruise plays a real life Colonel in Hitler’s SS army.  Claus Von Stauffenburg leads one of the initiatives to kill Hitler and he almost succeeded!  Von Stauffenburg decided during time in Africa (where he lost an eye) during WWII that Hitler was a threat to Germany and needed to be stopped.  He found others like him and helped lead a mission called Valkyrie.  Valkyrie was the code word for the assassination of Hitler.  Von Stauffenburg was to become close to the Fuhrer in order to gain access to special meetings of Hitler’s elite team members so he could plant a bomb to kill the commander of Germany’s army.  On a signal Operation: Valkyrie would be enacted putting all of Von Stauffenburg’s followers in charge of the Nazi army.  However, Hitler was not killed in the blast and Valkyrie was not effected fast enough to work before Hitler made radio connection with his SS.  Von Stauffenburg and his followers were all put to death by firing squad.

I enjoyed this movie because it was historical and entertaining!  Cruise was really good as Col. Von Stauffenburg.  He even worked well with the ensemble cast making the movie less of a TOM CRUISE film and more of a production of great actors.  Others in this wonderful cast are Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighly, Tom Wilkinson, any many others.

I loved the colors used in Valkyrie.  It was greyed with a lot of red to accent Nazi emblems or important items.  There were a lot of bright contrasting colors in women’s dresses or banquet foods but most of the movie had a sinister feel because of the greys and blacks used.

Overall, great movie.  I’d watch it again!

Rating: * * * *


Marley And Me

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Okay this movie was talked big – it didn’t fulfill for me.  I didn’t care about the characters and I didn’t care about the dog – until the end.  I’ve seen two dogs put to sleep and it isn’t fun.  I didn’t enjoy seeing it again (even though it was a movie).

Jenifer Aniston and Owen Wilson worked well in their roles but I dislike them both so I had a hard time getting around that.  I don’t think their performances were very good – in fact they weren’t even regular good!

There isn’t much more to say … it was a romcom so the directing, acting, soundtrack, etc isn’t something to nominate for an Oscar

Rating: *



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I have never been much of a Watergate enthusiast but I enjoyed this movie.

It is about the interviews between David Frost (Michael Sheen) and Richard Nixon (Frank Langella).  In these interviews, Nixon admitted to the nation that he was a part of Watergate and all that flowed into it.  These are now considered some of the greatest interviews in the history of the USA.

Sheen was good as Frost, showing us both his nonchalance as well as his professionalism in a way that made it seem effortless.  But the real winner was Langella who was a perfect Nixon.  The only negative I have about his performance is that Langella is better looking than the real Nixon.

There isn’t much that can be said about this movie because it’s based on real life and everyone knows what really happened.

The ensemble cast was magnificent and if it weren’t for Sam Rockwell, Kevin Bacon, Matthew MacFadyen, Oliver Platt, and Rebecca Hall the movie would have imploded on itself with it’s depth and desire for drama.  They kept the movie pushing forward and really explained the point of the real interviews and the movie!

Rating: * * 1/2


The Queen

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This movie is about the death of Princess Diana and the subsequent response by the British people and the Royal family.  When Princess Di died, I was old enough to understand the significance but too young to really understand the sorrow of England.  I don’t remember where I was or how I felt or anything about it – other than Mother Theresa died soon after.

This movie stars Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II and Michael Sheen as Tony Blair.  These two give two of the greatest performances of the year (2006)!  Helen was a perfect Her Majesty The Queen and I couldn’t imagine anyone else finding that graceful balance of calm strength that personifies Tony Blair.  These two were as close to perfection as possible!

The movie was a great depiction of the difficulty that Princess Di’s death caused to the Royal family – it wasn’t about likes and dislikes but about “proper behavior.”  The Queen did what she thought was right and when it came to blows she changed as gracefully as she could without losing herself.

I loved the way they plugged in actual footage from the weeks following the accident.  I also liked that William and Harry were secluded in the movie – we didn’t see them much and it would have seen fake if we had.

I have nothing bad to say about this movie!

The cinematography was seamless and fashionable.  I didn’t stay totally captured by it but it definitely held my attention and pulled me into the story even more than history does!

This is a great movie that everyone should see.  It made me want to be British because of their adherence to tradition and reverence for something higher than themselves.

Rating: * * * 1/2


There Will Be Blood

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This movie is about an oil man who is extremely good at his job!  He acquires a son but he grows to love the boy deeply.  And with his son at his side he creates quite an empire and monopoly for himself.  Then one day he gets a job to drill and as things are moving along something goes wrong and the rig catches fire after blowing up.  Did I mention his son is on the rig watching the men work?  Well, his son goes deaf because of the blast and this changes everything for the man and his life.

This movie is dark and twisty!  And most people think it is boring but I loved it!  It depicts what many people experience in life.  They make their plans and set to achieving their goals but when things don’t fall into place the way they want them to, they quit or change significantly.

The colors continue the story through pictures – as the man becomes darker and withdraws from life the colors get darker and muted.

Daniel Day Lewis was wonderful as the oil man.  It was a believable performance by someone exceptional.  Paul Dano is creepy and sinuous as Paul and Eli Sunday – a perfect adversary to Lewis’ Daniel Plainview.

Rating: * * * 1/2

There Will Be Blood

World Trade Center

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Everyone complains that this movie should have had “nobodys” in it instead of well known actors.  I disagree.  I think Flight 93 needed unknown actors – it worked for that movie – but this one needed some strong actors to make it work.

Nicholas Cage was better in his role as John McLoughlin than any other role he’s ever played.  I think with A-list actors they understood the severity of the roles they were playing.  I also really enjoyed seeing Michael Pena in his role as Will Jimeno.  The ensemble cast was great too – the casting director did a fantastic job with this one!

Everyone knows what the plot of this movie is – on September 11, 2001 terrorists hijacked four plans.  One crashed into the Pentagon, one crashed into a Pennsylvania field (see Flight 93), and two crashed into the World Trade Center.  The WTC crashed eventually caused the towers to collapse killing 1,000’s more than the initial crashes had.  In the mayhem one team of firefighters (among many) is trapped in the rubble and two of it’s members are the last two victims to be rescued from the collapse – alive.  John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno are heroes and should always be seen that way!

This movie came at a perfect time and was done with such humility and greatness that I have trouble expressing how great it really is!

I loved every moment of it – even when it was hard to watch and even when it was uncomfortable.  It brought back all the feelings I had on 9/11/01 – a date that will live in infamy.   But it did something else  – something greater – it made me remember why I love this country so much.  It reminded me why I fight – in my own way – for our freedoms and why I support our troops and elected leaders and everyone else who is also fighting for our freedoms and safety!

Great movie!

Rating: * * * * *

World Trade Center