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Hannah Montana: The Movie

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Okay … I’ll say it.  I LOVED this movie.  I even cried a little!

So this movie is about Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) who is secretly the mega superstar Hannah Montana.  Unfortunately for everyone in her life, Stewart has allowed her secret mega super-stardom to go to her head.  She acts entitled around her family and friends and even in front of the media.  She ruins her best friend, Lily’s (Emily Osment) birthday.  She fights for a pair of shoes again Tyra Banks (not sure why anyone would go against Miss Banks … I love you, you feisty woman!)  So to get her head back on straight, Miley’s father, Robbie Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) “kidnaps” her and takes her back to Tennessee where she grew up before her mother (Brooke Shields) died.  Robbie hopes that once Miley is back in TN she will reconnect with who she truly is.  There is romance, costume changes, the standby “I need to be two people in two places at one time” shtick, great moments of love and tenderness, and all the other things you expect from a Disney movie.

Miley Cyrus was great – better than when she’s on Disney channel – as Miley Stewart.  Emily Osment was (as always) amazing as Lily (I love her and can’t wait to see what else she does).  Lucas Till was decent as Travis Brody but nothing extremely noteworthy.  No one else was any good (except Tyra and Vanessa Williams).

Disney did well with this movie.

Rating: * * * 1/2

Hannah Montana The Movie


The Soloist

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This movie should have been released in October so it could get Oscar nominations!  It was great!

It is based on the true story of the unlikely friendship between Nathaniel Anthony Ayers, Jr. and Steve Lopez.  Lopez is a well known columnist for the Los Angeles Times who is in need of a new human interest story.  As he’s walking around the city he hears the most beautiful music.  He finds the music is being played by a homeless man with a two-string Violin.  When Lopez starts inquiring about this musician he learns that Ayers played at Julliard and was a master Cellist until he just slipped out of his mind.  Lopez writes a column about Ayers and in response an old woman sends her Cello to the Times for Ayers.

This spurs Lopez on to help Ayers find a place to live and keep the Cello safe.  But Ayers suffers from schizophrenia and to stop the voices he lives outside of the world – on the street.  As the movie progresses so does the tie between these two men.  Lopez wants to help Ayers “get better” but doesn’t know how.  He takes him to symphony orchestra concerts and just watches Ayers enjoy the music.

I have never loved anything the way he loves music!” This quote made my heart happy and sad all at one.  It was a beautiful movie about the love that two friends can have for one another.  At one point Lopez speaks of not wanting the responsibility of Ayers but then searches for him all night when a homeless man is injured.  It is after this that he realizes, he’s already connected and no matter what happens to Ayers, he will always be there.  He then begins to help Ayers in ways that will actually help him – BY JUST BEING THERE AND CONTINUING TO SHOW LOVE, ACCEPTANCE, AND CARE!

Jamie Foxx is not someone I enjoy but in this movie is was masterful.  His acting was effortless – I never felt like it was Foxx playing Ayers!  He never came out of character (and it was a hard character to master) and he never went over the top with Ayers illness or ticks.

The real star of the film was Robert Downey, Jr. who played Lopez.  Again, his performance was effortless and easy to watch but he did something I haven’t seen in a film in a long time.  He connected with the character in a way that allowed him to connect with the audience – something that usually only happens in live theatre.  He was the perfect choice for this role and deserves an Oscar for it!

The cinematography was beautiful and seamless.  I enjoyed the colors for the music (I see music like that) and the way the music wasn’t just in the background but almost another character of the film.  It was overall a beautiful movie that made me laugh and cry and everything in between.


Rating: * * * * * (I’d give more but 5 is the most)