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Monsters Vs. Aliens

Posted in Movie with tags , , , , , on August 7, 2010 by ldw

I really didn’t like this movie.  I thought it was really dumb.  Now, my nieces love it – but they also like things like SpongeBob and Big Time Rush.  It’s about a girl, named Susan Murphy, who is hit with a comet and becomes huge – bigger than buildings huge – and is put into a government program with other monsters.  Others in the program include, B.O.B., Dr. Cockroach Ph.D., The Missing Link, and Insectosaurus.  These are the monsters that are kept in a secret location so that they couldn’t hurt anyone.  Then the Alien comes.  Gallaxhar is a squid-like alien looking for the comet that hit Susan because it contained a power that he needed to create a multitude of cloned minions.  He gains the power from Susan and makes his clones but don’t worry; all hope is not lost!  Susan learns that she can be independent and strong and she saves the day.

This movie contains the voices of Reese Withersppoon, Seth Rogan, Hough Laurie, Will Arnett, Keifer Sutherland, Rainn Wilson, Steven Colbert, and Paul Rudd.  This A-list cast doesn’t help the movie at all.  Steven Colbert is great as the president and Reese Witherspoon is fun as Susan but that’s about all I can say for this movie.

Anyway, boo.

Rating: 1/2


Hannah Montana: The Movie

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Okay … I’ll say it.  I LOVED this movie.  I even cried a little!

So this movie is about Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) who is secretly the mega superstar Hannah Montana.  Unfortunately for everyone in her life, Stewart has allowed her secret mega super-stardom to go to her head.  She acts entitled around her family and friends and even in front of the media.  She ruins her best friend, Lily’s (Emily Osment) birthday.  She fights for a pair of shoes again Tyra Banks (not sure why anyone would go against Miss Banks … I love you, you feisty woman!)  So to get her head back on straight, Miley’s father, Robbie Ray (Billy Ray Cyrus) “kidnaps” her and takes her back to Tennessee where she grew up before her mother (Brooke Shields) died.  Robbie hopes that once Miley is back in TN she will reconnect with who she truly is.  There is romance, costume changes, the standby “I need to be two people in two places at one time” shtick, great moments of love and tenderness, and all the other things you expect from a Disney movie.

Miley Cyrus was great – better than when she’s on Disney channel – as Miley Stewart.  Emily Osment was (as always) amazing as Lily (I love her and can’t wait to see what else she does).  Lucas Till was decent as Travis Brody but nothing extremely noteworthy.  No one else was any good (except Tyra and Vanessa Williams).

Disney did well with this movie.

Rating: * * * 1/2

Hannah Montana The Movie

17 Again

Posted in Movie with tags , , , , on June 17, 2009 by ldw

In this movie Zac Efron plays the 17 year old verson of Matthew Perry’s Mike O’Donnell in this comedy about seeing your life for what it is and loving it even if it isn’t what you thought you wanted!

I think this movie has been made an meager 300,000 times since the creation of moving pictures but it was still cute (and for 75 cents you can’t say no).  So Perry is married to his high school sweetheart because they were pregnant at 17.  He gave up his dream of playing basketball to be with the girl he loved but after two kids and 20 years of marriage he is over it all and blames his wife, Scarlett (Leslie Mann) for his lack of drive in life.

When Mike is overlooked – again – for a promotion, he is fired for getting upset and finds himself wandering through his old high school.  He is met by a crazy janitor (Brian Doyle-Murray) who later puts Mike through a vortex that makes him 17 again (movie title!).

Now with the help of his best friend, Ned (Thomas Lennon), Mike has to figure out why he gets this second chance at life.  In the process he becomes friends with his own son and helps him make the basketball team, helps his daughter see her own worth is not found in boys but in the love of her family and friends, and rekindles his love for his wife (who was about to divorce him).

So he’s in “the big game” once again and has a scout there to watch him play but Mike chooses Scarlett over his dreams.  This releases him from the vortex of life and he returns to his older self.  YAY!

The cheese factor asside, this was a cute movie.  I mean it is obviously about Zac Efron but I thought Lennon was a great supporting role for Efron!  They have a fight scene  that is really well done and fun to watch.  I’m still not sure what blind person desided that Efron is what Perry looked like as a teenager (or vise versa), but other than that is was a good cast that did well.  I even like Sterling Knight and Michelle Trachtenberg in this movie (neither are amazing actors …).

Rating: * * 1/2


Hotel For Dogs

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So this isn’t some extreme movie that will change the world, but it was super cute.

It’s about an orphaned brother and sister who are best friends and refuse to be separated.  This leads to some crappy foster home placements and lots of acting out for them.  They aren’t acting out because they’re “bad kids” but because they have a secret pet dog who they are trying to feed and care for without their foster parents finding out.  This isn’t easy to do – as you can imagine – so they get in trouble a lot for the shenanigans they plan.

During one such romps, their dog sneaks into an abandoned hotel and all their adventures begin!

Bruce (Jake T Austin) is a creative little kid who can make just about anything you may need with a little ingenuity and elbow grease.  He starts building things for Friday (the dog) and the two other dogs living in the hotel.  As his contraptions begin to work, Bruce and Andi (Emma Roberts) – along with new friends Dave (Johnny Simmons), Heather (Kyla Pratt), and Mark (Troy Gentile) – start rescuing stray dogs all over the city.  In the end there are about thirty dogs living at the hotel and the kids feel like a real family for the first time in a long time.  *tear*

But then one of Bruce’s contraptions stops working – and it’s the one that feeds the dogs!  Well, the dogs go crazy and destroy everything in the hotel and alert the dog catchers who round up all the dogs – even Friday – and take them to the pound.  But the kids have a plan to rescue the dogs once and for all!

Watch the movie to see what happens!

The storyline is cheesy but cute and it teaches kids an important lesson about being yourself no matter what others think!  It also teaches them that doing what is right is the most important thing!  And that with a little creativity and good friends you can accomplish anything you’re heart desires.  All of these are messages that our kids aren’t hearing enough!  In fact in many cases they are hearing the opposite of this!

The acting is good – Emma Roberts  is great and I heart her dark hair!  I mean they are kid actors who are just starting out but I didn’t hate the acting.

There is nothing stellar about the cinematography – just another kids’ movie.  But it was cool to see all the contraptions they built and to watch the dogs act!  Dogs are just so cute!

Rating: * * *

Hotel For Dogs