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I Love You, Phillip Morris

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This movie was BAD!

First, you have Ewan McGregor as a blonde.  Next, there’s Jim Carrey trying to be serious.  Then you have the plot (I don’t care if it’s based on real events)!

This is a movie about a guy named Steven Russell from Virginia (Carrey) who leaves his wife, moves to Texas, and lives out if homosexuality.  He lives well above his means and gets arrested and convicted of insurance fraud.  While in prison he meets Phillip Morris (McGregor).  They fall in love and when Steven gets out of prison he pretends to be a lawyer in order to get Morris out early.  They move to Florida and begin their live together.  However, Steven continues living above his means and embezzles money.  But he gets caught and both men go back to prison (even though Morris had nothing to do with the crimes).  Steven tries (and succeeds for a short time) to escape but each time is caught and put back into prison.  Finally, he pretends to be infected with AIDS and fakes his own death just to try to get Morris out of prison.  He doesn’t succeed and is, instead, put back into prison with a life sentence.  He is still there today – in solitary confinement.

This movie can only be rented if you are 18 or older.  But I suggest renting ANYTHING else.  There was nothing good about this movie.



Boys Don’t Cry

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Hilary Swank should be getting so many job offers that she has to turn half of them down! She is a very versatile actress and this movie just shows that first hand.

Boys Don’t Cry is based on a true story of a girl named Tina Brandon who feels she is a boy trapped in a girl’s body. She goes by the name Brandon Tina and lives in a part of the nation where these kinds of things are not tolerated – Nebraska.

Brandon meets some redneck guys and white trash girls and becomes “one of the gang.” He falls in love with one of the girls and even has intercourse with her.

After a while the other guys realize that something is different about Brandon. They eventually go through his stuff and find used feminine products and pamphlets about Sexual Identity Issues.

These guys take Brandon out in a field and rape her numerous times. They then take her back to their house to “be one of them” again. The girlfriend is still in love with Brandon … no matter what he/she is.

*Spoiler Alert*

Brandon hides out at the girlfriend’s house but the rednecks find her and shoot her in the head.

The boys are arrested and still serving time in prison. But the moral of the story is that prejudice still exists. Tina needed people to care about her instead everyone turned their back on her.

The movie was beautiful. They did it in such a way that it didn’t feel like a real “mainstream” movie. It almost felt like someone was just walking around with a video camera, taping their life. But at the same time it was edited and videoed in such a way that you felt like you knew them all.

Great movie … very hard to watch!

Rating: * * * ½


My Summer of Love

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This movie as not that good but it did present an interesting side to the relationship between two very needy girls. Mona and Tamsin quickly become friends when they happen upon each other on a country road. This friendship soon becomes emotionally dependant as the girls spill all their secrets with one another. As their emotional intimacy increases so does their physical desire for one another until they are declaring their love and faithfulness to each other and sleeping together. The story takes a turn for the unfamiliar in movies but very familiar in emotionally dependant relationships by having one girl “suddenly” decide that she no longer wishes to play this game and leaves the other broken and confused.

This movie also takes an interesting look at the “radical” group known to the world as Christians. I was not offended by their position that we are weird and “otherworldly” and inept to really make any serious change in our lives or the lives of others because this is the statement that has been made for years. In fact it was almost comical to watch these weird and overly zealous and uncaring “Christians” place a 15ish foot cross on top of a hill overlooking their town in hopes it would start a revival and “retake the town from Satan’s grasp.”

The cinematography, acting, and most of the movie was fairly blah but I am not sorry that I used up 86 minutes to watch it.

Not recommended for anyone under the age of 16 or the easily offended.

Rating: * *