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Boys Don’t Cry

Posted in Movie with tags , , , , on April 3, 2009 by ldw

Hilary Swank should be getting so many job offers that she has to turn half of them down! She is a very versatile actress and this movie just shows that first hand.

Boys Don’t Cry is based on a true story of a girl named Tina Brandon who feels she is a boy trapped in a girl’s body. She goes by the name Brandon Tina and lives in a part of the nation where these kinds of things are not tolerated – Nebraska.

Brandon meets some redneck guys and white trash girls and becomes “one of the gang.” He falls in love with one of the girls and even has intercourse with her.

After a while the other guys realize that something is different about Brandon. They eventually go through his stuff and find used feminine products and pamphlets about Sexual Identity Issues.

These guys take Brandon out in a field and rape her numerous times. They then take her back to their house to “be one of them” again. The girlfriend is still in love with Brandon … no matter what he/she is.

*Spoiler Alert*

Brandon hides out at the girlfriend’s house but the rednecks find her and shoot her in the head.

The boys are arrested and still serving time in prison. But the moral of the story is that prejudice still exists. Tina needed people to care about her instead everyone turned their back on her.

The movie was beautiful. They did it in such a way that it didn’t feel like a real “mainstream” movie. It almost felt like someone was just walking around with a video camera, taping their life. But at the same time it was edited and videoed in such a way that you felt like you knew them all.

Great movie … very hard to watch!

Rating: * * * ½