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Monsters Vs. Aliens

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I really didn’t like this movie.  I thought it was really dumb.  Now, my nieces love it – but they also like things like SpongeBob and Big Time Rush.  It’s about a girl, named Susan Murphy, who is hit with a comet and becomes huge – bigger than buildings huge – and is put into a government program with other monsters.  Others in the program include, B.O.B., Dr. Cockroach Ph.D., The Missing Link, and Insectosaurus.  These are the monsters that are kept in a secret location so that they couldn’t hurt anyone.  Then the Alien comes.  Gallaxhar is a squid-like alien looking for the comet that hit Susan because it contained a power that he needed to create a multitude of cloned minions.  He gains the power from Susan and makes his clones but don’t worry; all hope is not lost!  Susan learns that she can be independent and strong and she saves the day.

This movie contains the voices of Reese Withersppoon, Seth Rogan, Hough Laurie, Will Arnett, Keifer Sutherland, Rainn Wilson, Steven Colbert, and Paul Rudd.  This A-list cast doesn’t help the movie at all.  Steven Colbert is great as the president and Reese Witherspoon is fun as Susan but that’s about all I can say for this movie.

Anyway, boo.

Rating: 1/2



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I really disliked this movie!

The stop-action was neat.  Dakota Fanning was good.  But that was it!

The storyline was weird and hard to follow.  It was too dark and scary for kids.  The characters weren’t people we cared about.  The “happy ending” was cheesy and fake.  It was not a good movie.

Coraline is a girl who feels neglected and lonely.  Her parents are journalists for gardening magazines and they deeply care about their work.  Coraline just wants them to play with her instead of working!  Her family moves and the new house has a tiny door that has been locked and wallpapered.  Coraline complains until her mom opens the door for her, just to find it is bricked closed.  That night Coraline can’t sleep and she sneaks down to the bricked door just to find it isn’t bricked anymore.  She crawls through the door into a new world where everything is just how she thinks she wants it – good food, parents who stop working to play, friends who don’t speak, cats who do.  There is something weird in this new “fun” world – everyone has buttons instead of eyes.

After visiting the new world a few times, Coraline is asked to have buttons sewn into her eyes and stay there forever.  She refuses but she can’t escape the new world.  This world quickly become scary and unsafe!  She meets three child ghosts who chose the buttons many years before and they ask Coraline to find their eyes so they can be freed to rest in peace.  Then Coraline learns that the button-eyed mother is actually a spider-woman (not like Peter Parker) and extremely evil.   Spider mom stole Coraline’s real parents and now she must find the ghost kids’ eyes, her parents, and a way out before she is caught and buttons are placed in her eyes.

Dumb!  I just kept thinking, “Why do I care?”

Like I said, I did like Dakota Fanning who voiced Coraline.  I had a hard time even picturing Miss Fanning because she was that good at becoming this new character.  No one else really jump started my heart for their voice acting and the overall movie was blah.

We haven’t had a good stop-action, claymation movie since The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride but this movie did that well.  I enjoyed watching the movie for the artistry experienced.

Rating: * for the movie but * * * 1/2 for the “animation”


Speed Racer

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I was not excited about seeing Speed Racer, but I buckled down(pun intended)  and put in on my Netflix account and when it came I actually enjoyed it!

I LOVED the colors and the CGI.  It’s Speed Racer – it’s supposed to look like that!  I thought the cinematography continued the story through the pictures and animation and action.  It pulled me into the story and sucked me into the Racer family!

Emile Hersch plays Speed and I thought he was perfect.  I mean he had just finished Into the Wild and he jumped into this role.  It really showed his versatility as an actor.  I believed Speed and I thought he really cared deeply about his family.

The rest of the cast was perfect – Susan Sarandon as Mom Racer, John Goodman as Pops Racer, Paulie Litt as Spritle Racer, Scott Porter as Rex Racer, Matthew Fox as Racer X, and Christina Ricci as Trixie.  The ensemble cast was stellar too! I enjoyed watching them act.

Speed is a great racecar driver just like his older brother Rex.  The entire Racer family is involved in the racing world!  But when Rex dies in a racing accident, Speed takes it extremely hard.  He plans to avenge his brothers death by becoming the best racer EVER!  But he falls into the same ills as Rex – being good enough to be pursued by a Professional Racing Team.  Speed uses this and his family and friends to bring down the corrupt racing industry so that the true racers can get back to what they love!

It has a great message of family and values not to mention the idea that good triumphs no matter how powerful or rich evil is.  It was a fun and interesting movie that made you think and feel and laugh.  It did everything a movie is supposed to do and they did it without cursing, sex, or other negative things.

Rating: * * * *

Speed Racer


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This is an animated movie about a dog who stars in his own TV show but he believes that everything in the show is real – including his super powers. Well, Bolt (John Travolta) thinks that his person Penny (Miley Cyrus) has really been kidnapped by Dr. Calico so he escapes his trailer to go save her. But he is accidentally shipped from Hollywood to New York City! Now he has to cross the country to save Penny but he doesn’t know the way. Fortunately he captures a kitten named Mittens (Susie Essman) who Bolt believes is working with Dr. Calico. He and Mittens are joined by Rhino the hamster (Mark Walton) and travel back to Hollywood using a map of waffle restaurants. During this journey Bolt learns that he is not really a super dog but a TV actor. This is not a huge issue for Bolt because he quickly bounces back from this news and uses the rest of the journey home to learn what being a real dog is. Think Homeward Bound meets Buzz Lightyear with less drama or depression. *Spoiler Alert* In the end they all live happily ever after – after saving Penny in real life.

The animation was cute and fun with just enough darkness for the bad guys to show a difference without being too scary. The actors chosen for the voices were perfect. Cyrus, Travolta, and the others did a great job. It was entertaining for kids and I had a good time too.

It was a sweet movie and my 8 and 3 year old nieces loved it!

Rating: * * *



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I would have liked this movie more if it wasn’t a green propaganda piece … and if the humans hadn’t been in it.

It’s about a little robot who is supposed to clean up earth but he’s the only one left. He meets another robot – a girl – and falls in love and there ensues all kinds of drama. Eve is on earth looking for signs of organic life which she finds because of Wall-E. Then Eve gets picked up to go back to where all the humans are in space and Wall-E stows away and creates all kinds of havoc on the space station.

In the end I was moved by the creativity of Wall-E and Eve that they showed love and affection without speaking or even making noise. The scenes with those two were wonderful. I didn’t like anything else about the story until the humans go back to earth and decide to fix their own mistakes. I also liked the side story of how entertainment and flashing lights keep us preoccupied to what is really going on in the world – because of this we are missing out on love, life, creation, etc.

Rating: * * * ½


Horton Hears A Who

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Yes, a cartoon. No movie is too big or small for me to review. Watch out all you up and coming movie makers … Movieobersver is coming for you!

This was a wonderful children’s movie that really made me think about how I, as an adult, treat the world and the people in it.

The Sour Kangaroo depicted the judgment this world contains. She refuses to listen to anyone’s opinion but her own. She makes the rules, she enforces the rules, and chooses the outcome of those who break the rules. She controls the mob!

Horton is a sweet elephant who doesn’t quite get everything quickly. But he cares for everyone. He cares wholeheartedly. His mantra throughout the movie is “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

For those unaware, Horton hears a spec of dust calling for help and he decides that there must be a person on the spec. So he spends the rest of the movie trying to save the people on the spec, while trying to convince the spec that they are tiny and the jungle he lives in that the tiny people existed.

Of course he and the people of Who succeed in their quest, just before the spec is boiled in oil!

The artistry of this movie is wonderful. It’s not out of this world exact, but it really fits the story well. The cast of voices chosen were perfect; they didn’t take away from the story by being mega-stars. The only think that could make this movie better would have been songs!

Rating: * * * ½