Dead Like Me

This show is fun and quirky and creative and funny.  It is everything you want in a show and has good acting!

It is about a girl name George – short for Georgia – who is a lazy slacker living in her parents’ house after high school graduation with no ambitions.  Her mom wakes her up one day and sends her out to get a job with a temp agency.  So she does and on her very first coffee break she is killed by a Soviet toilet seat that falls from a deorbiting space station.  Instead of dieing like normal people, George becomes a part of the undead community known as reapers.  There are reapers for all different types of death and it is there job to remove your soul from your body before you die so that you go into the afterlife unharmed and unmaimed.

George joins the reapers who collect people who die in accidents or murder – something outside themselves.  There are five of them – Rube, Mason, Roxy, Daisy, and George.  As reapers they get to enjoy all the things of life – food, bodies, money, etc.  They look different so that their families can’t recognize them and they have to get jobs and new names but other than that they simply live life – undead.  Each day they meet together and they are given their assignment for that day – post-it notes with a first initial, last name, time, and place.  It is their jobs to arrive, find, and remove the soul before the person is killed.  They are relieved of their reaping duties when they have reaped their quota – which they aren’t told before hand how many that is!

George struggles with the idea of removing someone’s soul and wonders – more than once – if she can keep the person from dieing by simply not doing her job.  She also tries to keep someone from dieing by intervening.  These just get her into trouble and cause for some funny and no-so-pleasant exchanges with the other reapers, the dead, and the living!

George is played by Ellen Muth who is brilliant in her ability to be angsty and funny all at once.  Her sarcastic way of presenting George to the world is light in its cynicism and deep in her ability to feel and penetrate even the toughest situations.

Other all-star actors include Mandy Patinkin (“My name is Indigo Montoya, you killed my father.  Prepare to die.”) as Rube the leader of the reapers, Cynthia Stevenson as George’s mother Joy, and Laura Harris as grim reaper Daisy.  The cast is rounded out with amazing performances by Callum Blue as Mason, Jasmine Guy as Roxy, and Brit McKillip as George’s younger sister Reggie.

I wish there was more of this show!  It’s sad that it was canceled just as things were getting stellar!

I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys great plots, deep character development, funny stories, and scripted dry humor (not physical comedy).

Rating: * * * * *


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