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Seven Pounds

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A lot of movie critics and viewers disliked this movie … I loved it!  Was it a little deep and dark for a Christmas Day release?  Yes!  But it was a great movie – good job Will and Rosario!

So Tim Thomas (Will Smith) caused a traffic accident that killed seven people including his girlfriend so he has decided to make the lives of seven people – strangers – better.  First he gives part of his lung to his brother (Michael Ealy).  Then he gives a liver to a social worker (Judyann Elder).  He gives a kidney to a hockey coach (Bill Smitrovich).  Then he donates bone marrow to a young boy with cancer (Quintin Kelley).  He gives his house to a woman and her children so they can get away from her abusive boyfriend (Elpidia Carrillo).  His eyes to a meat salesman (Woody Harrelson).  And his heart (figuratively and literally) to a woman named Emily (Rosario Dawson).

Tim pretends to be his brother – an IRS agent – and uses this to meet all the people he helps.  Tim has a plan.  He is going to help these seven people but the end goal is to commit suicide.  I mean, you can’t really donate your eyes or your heart to someone if you still plan on living!  The only thing Tim didn’t plan on was falling in love again.  He falls in love with Emily and even considers turning back on his plan but in the end he decides that she’ll be better off with his heart in her body instead of in her hands!

Rosario was beautiful throughout the entire movie – even when she was sick in the hospital bed!  I don’t think she’s ever looked so great or acted so well.  Will was also great.  He should continue doing dramas and stop trying to make superhero movies.

The movie was directed and filmed softly and almost serenely.  It was filled with light colors and yellows and lots and lots of beauty!  It was great.

Great movie!

Rating: * * * *seven_pounds


The Lucky Ones

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In this movie three soldiers have a chance meeting on their way home from Iraq and have a little adventure.  Fred Cheaver (Tim Robbins) is finally 0ut of the army and ready to get back to his life with his wife and son.  Unfortunately she’s left him and wants a divorce and they can’t afford to send their son to college so he is going to put off his education for the army because they will give him the money he needs for school.  Colee Dunn (Rachel McAdams) is on her way to meet the family of a fallen soldier who was in love with her.  She just wants to give his guitar back to his family, but he finds out that her loved one was a father and in some ways a liar.  T.K. Poole (Michael Pena) was shot in Iraq and just wants to make sure his “manhood” still works before getting back to his girlfriend.  He’s willing to use a prostitute to do it.  Everyone calls him lucky but he’s very cynical and dark about life and the future.

These soldiers are thrust together because of an organization error that left many soldiers stranded in NYC.  So these three share the last rental car at the airport and drive across the country to their respective destinations.  They form a weird bond that helps each of them deal with the issues they encounter.  They are there when Cheaver’s wife drops the divorce bomb, when Colee’s dreams of finally having a family fall short, and when T.K. gets his first post-shot “happy dance.”  They support and encourage one another as soldiers and friends do.  And they are there when each of them go back to Iraq (Cheaver reenlists so his son can go to college).

This movie was beautiful.  The storyline was deep but simple so you could easily follow and invest in it.  You deeply cared about each of these soldiers and their lives.  You wanted them to succeed and fulfill their dreams.

McAdams, Robbins, and Pena were perfect for this movie.  They embodied their characters masterfully and really made you feel like they cared for each other.  It was McAdams best role yet!  The casting director should pat themself on the back and the director should be proud to have created such an environment that these three actors could become someone else.

You don’t have to agree with the war to support our troops and I think this movie showed that personality and  affection well.

Rating: * * * *the lucky ones