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Battlestar Galactica

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Okay I want to start out with this – BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ISN’T NERDY!!!!

This is a show about people who just happen to live and work and fight in space. So here’s the 411 on BG:

1. Battlestar Galactica is a ship that saw battle in the first war against the Cylons

2. Galactica is about to be decommissioned and made into a museum

3. The President of the colonies sends his secretary of education to the decommissioning ceremony

4. Just before the ceremony, the Cylons attacked the 12 colonies after 40 years of peace and relative safety

5. Now there are about 40,000 humans left in the universe and they are defended by Galactica

6. the Cylons chase the Fleet all over the galaxies fighting with Galactica

7. Eventually the Fleet finds a habitable planet but the Cylons show up there and set up a military dynasty until Galactica comes and rescues the people

8. Now we’re back in space trying to find the fabled 13th colony – Earth – before the Cylons find it or destroy the rest of the human race


1. Cylons – machine built by humans to help them work more efficiently

2. Humanoid Cylons – Cylons that look like humans (there are 12 models)

3. Fleet – grouping of ships transporting the remaining human race through the galaxies

4. Battlestar – military fighting spaceships


1. Dr. Gaius Baltar (James Callis) – Scientist who is sympathetic to and an expert on Cylons

2. Laura Roslin (Mary McDonell) – Secretary of Education who becomes President of the Colonies

3. William Adama (Edward James Olmos) – Commander of Galactica who eventually becomes Admiral

4. Lee “Apollo” Adama (Jamie Bamber) – Commander Adama’s estranged son who becomes one of the heroes of Galactica

5. Kara “Starbuck” Trace (Katee Sackhoff) – The best fighter pilot to ever sit in a cockpit, but the most rebellious soldier in the fleet.

6. Six (Tricia Helfer) – The first humanoid Cylon we meet – she is sexy and seductive and in love with Dr. Baltar

7. Sharon “Boomer/Athena” Valari (Grace Park) – The first humanoid Cylon who is a sleeper agent – she was a colonial pilot until she was “turned on” but one clone chooses the humans and she marries Helo

8. Saul Tigh (Michael Hogan) – XO on Galactica with a drinking problem – among other things

9. Galen Tyrol (Aaron Douglas) – The highest ranking enlisted man, he is Deck Chief on Galactica and marries Cally

10. Felix Gaeta (Alessandro Julliani) – Senior Officer of the Watch on Galactica, he is a cool egghead

11. Karl “Helo” Agathon (Tahmoh Penikett) – Gave up his seat on a rescue plan for Dr. Baltar but is later rescued by Cylon Sharon (who marries him and has the first Cylon-human child), a pilot on Galactica who becomes XO in Tigh’s absence

12. Samuel T Anders (Michael Trucco) – A survivor of the holocaust on the colonies, he is rescued by Starbuck and they get married

13. Anastasia Dualla (Kandyse McClure) – An officer on Galactica, she marries Apollo

14. Cally Henderson Tyrol (Nicki Clyne) – A deck hand under Chief Tyrol, they get married

15. Tory Foster (Rekha Sharma) – Chief of Staff under President Roslin after her first CoS is killed by terrorists after the holocaust

16. D’Anna (Lucy Lawless) – Number 3 of 12 humanoid Cylon models

17. Cavil (Dean Stockwell) – One of the 12 humanoid Cylon models

18. Leoben (Callum Keith Rennie) – One of the 12 humanoid Cylon models

19. Doral (Matthew Bennett) – One of the 12 humanoid Cylon models

20. Simon (Rick Worthy) – One of the 12 humanoid Cylon models


The 12 colonies were destroyed by nuclear bombs set off by a humanoid Cylon who infiltrates the Department of Defense by seducing Gaius Baltar.

Now there are about 40,000 humans on ships being protected by Galactica and the entire premise of the show is to stop the Cylons before they kill the rest of the humans all while trying to survive and find a new planet to settle on (preferably the fabled 13th colony – Earth). The issue is that they don’t know who is or isn’t a humanoid Cylon! There are 12 models that can “download” at death and go into a new identical body. The first 7 models do not know the identity of the Final Five!

Cylons want peace and happiness just like the humans but as human creations, they think they are better than humans but they act almost completely the same as we.

I’m only part way through Season 3 of 4.5 so I still have a lot to learn!


It’s gritty and dark and character driven. It’s filmed in a documentary style that doesn’t give you motion sickness but makes it feel real. It really is a show about characters that just happen to live in space (a different part of space than we on the Fabled Earth). There is love, jealousy, treachery, respect, fighting, anarchy, death, murder, suicide, happiness, joy, devotion and all those other wonderful “real life” things in this show.

The filming is wonderful – it feels like a big budget film every episode.

The acting is far better than everything else on TV right now! The characterization and emotion shown by all the actors is phenomenal. The plots are focused and deep but not too hard to follow or enjoy. You don’t get bogged down in story or lead in either. They treat this show like the people watching it are smart and they assume we’ll pick up on most things without the need of commentary or vast amounts of dialogue to get in the way.

That style works well for this show. Basically, if you like real story lines with real people you will like this show!

Rating: * * * * *